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Step 2 of our Application Process

·  After reviewing the positions listed in the Current Openings link on the Employment webpage, determine which positions you are interested in.


·  Format your resume using the third-person narrative resume format shown in the Sample Resume link below. Be sure to address all of the requirements for the position(s) you are interested in.


·  List all of the positions you are interested in under "LABOR CATEGORY:" in your reformatted resume.


·  Be as detailed as possible.   Employment dates should match between the documents and security information (level, dates, status, etc.) is also required on both.  Check for missing information in the resume.  Make sure your resume follows the third-person narrative and formatting within each section of the Sample Resume.  If your security clearance has a current poly, make sure to include that plus the level and agency to your resume & application.


·  Summary of Qualifications – Must address all of the Minimum Qualifications Required for the position and should be treated as the Executive Summary of the resume.

o    List appropriate experience relevant to the Labor Category.

o    Indicate the total number years’ experience for the Labor Category.

o    Should not contain more information than the Professional Experience listed in the body of the resume

o    Please note that the Professional Experience listed in the body of the resume should clearly support the statements provided in the Summary of Qualifications.






Click here for Sample Resume




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